Foreigners working in Vietnam on a permanent basis for a Vietnamese company, organization or individual or a company with foreign investment in Vietnam must have a work permit, except for those subject to work permit exemption (for which eligible foreigners are required to obtain work permit exemption certificate).

A work permit can be applied directly by you at the Vietnam’s Department of labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. However, constant changes in law, complicated procedures for obtaining a work permit with many steps and several documents to be prepared, might confuse a lot of people, even those who have ever done the application themselves, not to mention the first-time applicants.

For this reason, has developed the work permit application service in order to:

  • update you with the latest regulations on Vietnam work permits;
  • check if you are eligible for work permit exemption and assist you with the procedure to get work permit exemption certificate;
  • minimize your documents to be submitted for work permit application;
  • instruct you how to prepare and where to get all the necessary documents;
  • check for legality as well as logics of your documents;
  • follow all the procedures with the Vietnam Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs on y our behalf,
  • update your work permit processing status, and
  • save your time for other businesses.

    Our Vietnam work permit service packages

    We offer the services on:

    • Applying for Vietnam work permit for foreign managers;
    • Applying for Vietnam work permit for foreign experts;
    • Applying for Vietnam work permit for foreign technical workers;
    • Applying for Vietnam work permit for English/Yoga … teachers;
    • Applying for Vietnam work permit exemption certificate;
    • Extending Vietnam work permit;
    • Applying for reissuance of Vietnam work permit;

    How to apply for Vietnam work permit via

    The process to get a work permit in Vietnam with assistance of is very simple. You only need to:

    1. Contact for free initial assessment and quote
    Please make a phone call or send a message to our hotline +84.946.583.583 (WhatsApp, Viber, Zalo available)
    You will then get your documents checked by our experts for initial assessment and consultation, and then quote.
    2. Send documents and sign necessary forms
    You will prepare the documents as consulted, sign necessary forms filled out by us and send them to our office at: 23rd Floor, TASCO Building, Pham Hung road, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam, Hanoi or 2nd Floor, VIPD Building, No. 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC.
    After receiving your full valid documents, we will process your application with the relevant authorities until your work permit is issued.
    3. Receive the results & further consultation if necessary
    You will be informed of the availability of your work permit, and then you can pick it up at our office or we will send it to your physical address.
    We will then consult you on what you should do after getting your work permit.

    How much to get Vietnam work permit with

    Unit: USD/pax

    Processing time Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City
    25 working days 230 230
    18 working days 280 280

    Note: These work permit fees are available when you have all valid documents. Otherwise, please contact us for detailed quote.

    Why Vietnam Work Permit with us?

    • 10+ years experience: We have worked in this aspect since 2007 and we have earned hands-on experience in working with the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs for work permits.
    • Responsibility: We will sign an agreement with rights and obligations of each party concerning the work permit application.
    • Convenience: We can support you to apply for work permit no matter where you are in our Vietnam.