Vietnam Visa Extension

What are Visa renewal and Visa extension?

Visa extension

Visa extension for those who want to prolong their current stay in Vietnam without leaving this country, then enter to use a new visa. After handling all documents to the Immigration Department, you will get an extension stamp which is sticker on your passport.

How to extend Vietnam visa (2023)

Note: Visa extension for single entry only.

Visa renewal 

Visa Renewal for people who want to stay in Vietnam for longer without leaving this country, almost the same as visa extension. By this action, you will get a new visa sticker and new visa stamp with the new duration. Therefore, renewing visa’s fee is always higher than for extending visa’s.

Visa extension/renewal fee:


Duration for extension Purpose of Visit Fee (USD)  
1 month Tourist 55
1 month Business 60 REQUEST VISA EXTENSION
3 months Business 110 REQUEST VISA EXTENSION

Requirements for two types

You need to prepare the required documents to renewal visa:

  • Your passport with at least 06 months valid from the time of an extension.
  • Your passport has at least 02 blank pages in minimum.

Step to Extend visa in Vietnam

  1. Get the advice from our visa consultants

    Our visa consultants are always available to give you appropriate advice for visa extension or renewal.

  2. Send your original passport

    In order to extend or renew your visa, kindly bring your passport to our office or send it via EMS or ask our drop-by to collect. We will confirm all information via email and phone/website/social media,…

  3. Receive your result

    After processing time of Vietnam Immigration Department, normally it will take from 5 to 7 working days, we will inform you to get back your passport or transfer by EMS for you